Slip and Fall Lawyers in Calgary

As funny as it may look to a passerby, a slip and fall accident is not funny at all. Falling forwards, backwards or sideways can result in lacerations, contusions, neck injuries, back injuries, head trauma, broken bone injuries, hip injuries, and muscle strains and tears. For many individuals, particularly older individuals, a fall can be fatal. In Canada, slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of accidental death.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Calgary

A dangerous or hazardous premise condition can exist almost anywhere. Falls can happen when you least expect it and in some cases, where you least expect it. At the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group,  professional slip and fall solicitors have represented cases stemming from a number of factors, including:

  • Poorly lit parking garages
  • Slippery substance on floor
  • Uneven, cracked flooring
  • Loose or torn carpeting
  • Insufficient handicap railings
  • Poorly kept grounds

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Once the ethical slip and fall lawyers at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group have uncovered a cause, they can identify who is liable. In a slip and fall accident case, the liable party may be a landlord, property manager, property owner or tenant. In some cases, one or more parties may be held liable for the damages associated with a serious slip and fall accident injury. The qualified slip and fall lawyers will pursue any liable party to make sure clients get maximum compensation for disability, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall Lawyers

A serious slip and fall accident injury can be physically and emotionally straining. The dedicated slip and fall attorneys at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group are sympathetic to the needs of suffering clients and can offer them a supportive hand during a trying time. A client’s current and future well being is their focus and they will make sure clients get the best medical care throughout the litigation process. The caring slip and fall lawyers in our group have built strong partnerships with the best in the fields of medicine and can get you unbiased, quality health care.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Calgary

The skilled slip and fall lawyers at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group will protect your legal rights when no else will. Not all lawyers are created equal, so hire an attorney who has a proven record of success. To get a well researched referral for a slip and fall attorney, call 403-536-4002 right now. You will not be charged for the initial case review and there is no obligation.

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  • Ricky Bagga did an absolutely outstanding job in handling my injury lawsuit. He was extremely professional, honest, upfront and delivered beyond what he said he would do. I would highly recommend using him for his services. Having a Harvard graduate by your side is a very reassuring benefit of hiring his services! Thank you Ricky!


    by Aaron L. January, 2022.

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