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The spinal cord, which is part of the central nervous system, is a long tube made up of nerves and cells. The spinal cord transmits messages between the brain and the rest of the body. When struck by external forces, the spinal cord and the nerves surrounding it can sustain permanent damage. Typically, the higher an injury is located on the spine, the more dysfunction occurs. Injuries located between the levels of C1 – C4 vertebrae (the neck) usually result in paralysis of the arms, hands, legs, and trunk.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Injuries located in the mid back (thoracic vertebrae) often result in paralysis of the trunk and legs. Victims with a spinal cord injury located in the mid back (T1 – T12 vertebrae), typically have normal hand and arm function. Damage to the spinal cord below the mid back usually results in some loss of movement of the legs and hips. Victims suffering from a spinal cord injury below the mid back (L1 – S5 vertebrae) may also lose control of bowel and bladder functions.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

According to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, more than 1,500 new spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are reported every year in Canada. Many of the SCIs sustained in Canada are the result of car accidents, contact sports, and slip and fall accidents. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario also reports that the annual economic burden for SCIs is approximately 3.6 billion. Of the total annual SCI costs, almost 1.8 billion are associated with direct health care costs.

As you can see, a SCI can have a profound affect on a victim’s physical and financial well being. Although no amount of money could ever turn back time and prevent the injury from happening, financial compensation can ensure victims get the care they need and deserve. At the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group, skilled spinal cord injury lawyers understand the costs associated with a SCI and won’t back down till victims get what they deserve.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Calgary

The dedicated spinal cord injury attorneys at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group have years of experience assisting severely injured individuals and won’t back down to insurance companies looking to settle a case for the lowest amount possible. From the minute they are contacted, they will not rest until clients are awarded maximum compensation for:

  • Medical costs – doctor visits, prescription medicine, medical equipment, therapy, surgeries
  • Lost wages
  • Impaired earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional therapy
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional anguish
  • Shortened life expectancy

Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

For a complete case review, call a compassionate spinal cord injury lawyer at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group now. Call 403-536-4002 and you can make an appointment to discuss your potential case for free at a time that’s most convenient for you. You are not obligated to hire the qualified spinal cord injury lawyer you meet with. However, if you decide to seek justice through the claims process, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until your case is successfully settled.

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  • Lawyer Ricky B phoned me back same day within a couple hours. I wanted to know if the settlement I was offered was fair, or if he thought he could help get more. He took his time to get some info and stated my offer was fair and actually above the and cap, it would be in my best interest to take it. Very honest and didn't waste my time or his. I left with piece of mind that I was doing the right thing accepting the settlement.


    by Leeash Rahman December, 2019.

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