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The human brain is a complex organ responsible for controlling the central nervous system. When the brain is injured or subjected to trauma, prolonged or permanent damage can occur. Brain injuries can affect a victim’s ability to walk, talk, breathe, see, and think as they did before sustaining the injury.

If you or your loved one suffered a brain injury in an accident, you may be able to collect financial compensation for the damages related to a serious injury. The dedicated brain injury lawyers at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group have years of experience handling challenging brain injury cases and have helped many seriously injured clients get compensation for the staggering costs related to the treatment of a brain injury.

Brain Injury Lawyers Calgary

Brain injuries are usually acquired through indirect or direct trauma. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are one of the leading causes of death in Canada. But, what causes a TBI? The causes of TBI vary considerably, but are frequently the result of car accidents, falls, and work related accidents. Contact sports are also a leading cause of TBIs. Other causes of TBIs include bicycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, and motorcycle accidents.

Calgary Brain Injury Lawyer

Injury to the scalp, skull or brain can result in a mild, moderate or severe brain injury. Some of the more common head injuries caused by trauma, include concussions, hematomas, contusions, and diffuse axonal injury (Shaken Baby Syndrome). The symptoms associated with a TBI can happen immediately after acquiring the injury or develop slowly over a period of time. Some of the signs and symptoms that may indicate a more serious injury include slurred speech, loss of consciousness, excruciating headache, loss of mobility, drowsiness, and dilated pupils.

If you suspect you have sustained a TBI, do not wait to seek medical attention. Waiting to seek medical attention could be harmful or even fatal. Once you have seen a doctor, get in touch with an ethical brain injury attorney at the Calgary Car Accident Lawyer Group right away. Their top priority is to ensure you get the best medical care and treatment available.

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No one will fight harder in the negotiating room and the courtroom (if necessary) on your behalf than the experienced brain injury lawyers Calgary. Their number one goal is to see severely injured clients get the compensation they need and deserve to make their future brighter. You can reach us at 403-536-4002. Again you case will be taken on a contingency fee basis. Call today to set up a time to discuss your case for free.

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  • Lawyer Ricky B phoned me back same day within a couple hours. I wanted to know if the settlement I was offered was fair, or if he thought he could help get more. He took his time to get some info and stated my offer was fair and actually above the and cap, it would be in my best interest to take it. Very honest and didn't waste my time or his. I left with piece of mind that I was doing the right thing accepting the settlement.


    by Leeash Rahman December, 2019.

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